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High resistance USClimb Extreme dyneema tape, extremely thin, light and resistant. Tensile strength 22kN despite being extremely thin, just 10mm wide. USClimb brand, having been tested and approved by the European Community according to EN standards. The tape is extremely light and thin, with a width of only 10mm. 

This dyneema fabric is the latest innovation in the safety area, as it is extremely low in weight and volume, in addition to being highly resistant to load and friction. The thin 10mm diameter reduces volume on long routes where you need to carry a lot of equipment and weight is a key factor for the success of the endeavor. 

With the characteristic of being extremely resistant to abrasion, rupture by dynamic loads and hydrophobic: it does not accumulate water and therefore does not freeze. The main advantage over other materials is their very low volume, making it possible to have several seams mounted with these tapes on the car seat rack, unlike bulky polyester or nylon tapes which are heavier. 

Technical information:

  •  Brand: USClimb
  •  International Certification: CE EN
  •   Breaking load: 22kN
  •   Tape Width: 10mm
  •  120cm ring ribbon
  •   Color red with white


R$73.50 Regular Price
R$58.69Sale Price
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