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  • Dolina dos Maracanãs
    Dolina dos Maracanãs
    Multiple Dates
    Sat, May 25
    May 25, 2024, 6:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    May 25, 2024, 6:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    Rapel, trilha, caverna, lagoa subterrânea, escalaminhada e tudo isso sob as lentes dos nossos fotógrafos
  • Chapada Indaia
    Chapada Indaia
    Multiple Dates
    Sat, Jun 08
    Jun 08, 2024, 6:30 AM – 4:00 PM
    Jun 08, 2024, 6:30 AM – 4:00 PM
    The Véu de Noiva Waterfall, is a beautiful fall of 45 meters high, located on the Itiquira river, between the Indaiá and Itiquira waterfalls. The first view of the place is impressive, following the trail, as soon as the first light appears in the forest and we can see the waterfall, it is impossible...
  • N1 Vertical Techniques Course - Waterfalls
    N1 Vertical Techniques Course - Waterfalls
    Sat, Jun 15
    Jun 15, 2024, 8:00 AM
    Jun 15, 2024, 8:00 AM
    The course aims to initiate and form a solid base of vertical technical knowledge focused on waterfalls.

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Cerrado Canyon

Formação esportiva continuada

Apresentamos o Clube de Afiliados da Cerrado Vertical, uma experiência única para entusiastas de turismo de aventura e esportistas!


Who we are?

Vertical Savannah?

Vertical Cerrado is a team specializing in the segments of Adventure Tourism and Ecotourism with a focus on the practice of vertical techniques (waterfalling, canyoning, caving tourism, rope jumping and climbing).


Why join us?

There are places where few have stepped, there are landscapes that few have the privilege of appreciating and unique sensations to feel.

It's safe ?

01 - All our equipment is certified by the UIAA (International Union of Mountaineering Associations) and/or CE (European Certificate).

02 - The Vertical Cerrado has a team specialized and prepared to act in adverse situations, we also have a nurse in our team.

03 - Our localization when in activity, it can be easily accessed by family members in real time, the system also provides an immediate call for assistance; competent authorities by sending thelocalizationof the order, which minimizes the rescue time in an adverse situation.

04 - All participants in our activities have insurance acidente, contracted for the day of sports practice (Ecotrip).


Globe Sports

Report com o Globo Esporte

The Fate of the First Departed Expedition! was Buraco das Araras, which is approximately 120 km from Brasília, close to the municipality of Bezerra in Goiás.


DF in the Air

Reporting with TV Record

Reporting with Record TV at the Grand Mercure hotel, it's 53 meters high in our urban abseiling in the center of the capital.


Social Media 





5 out of 5

Based on feedback from over 300 people on our social media. 

Thank you all very much for the trust placed in our team.

Danielle Fernandes_editado.jpg

Danielle Fernandes

" Congratulations to the team, very well organized tour.. professional instructors, they teach you everything before starting the adventures and are always on the lookout.. I loved the experience, and I already want to go again lol.. thanks a lot "

Thelma Moreira.jpg

Thelma Moreira

Feeling confident in the team from the 1st contact. Note 10 for these super attentive people! I saw the precautions so that no unforeseen event happened to any participant! Very self astral! I recommend this Cerrado Vertical team! Thanks guys this carioca here will be glued to you now "

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​GPS Monitoring

Cerrado Vertical account  with real-time GPS monitoring, where the participants' family members can access the location and follow the activities via a web browser just by accessing a link.

In addition, the system has support for rescue and help requests, sent directly to the GEOS “Central de Emergencia e Resgate Internacional” sending the exact location of the help request.


GEOS offers a range of the best services involving security and rescue around the world.

Cerrado Vertical always putting the heart to beat stronger safely.

Click here and follow our location in real time

(Active only on activity days).

SPOT - Cerrado Vertical.JPG


Brasília, DF

Phone:(61) 99816-8502

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