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Maratá Waterfall

Have you ever thought about enjoying a magnificent waterfall having a beer mug and eating good food? At Cachoeira do Maratá you can.

Located in Pires do Rio - GO, the place has a restaurant/bar with all the necessary structure to welcome visitors.


The environment is familiar and has great energy, suitable for those who want to be in contact with nature, but still want to enjoy the comfort of the city. A Cachoeira is beautiful and has a small beach with a well for bath.

When we set up activities for the place, it is clear that the adrenaline cannot be left out, and it is guaranteed with the rappelling of approximately 55 meters in the waterfall (alcoholic drinks are only allowed after the rappelling activity, not even to give courage hehe)


The menu is very varied, the food is very good 

Activity not recommended in the rainy season, as the waterfall greatly increases its volume, and takes on characteristics of a head of water, getting to the point of wetting those sitting at the bar.

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