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Tororó Waterfall

Definitely one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Federal District, located approximately 30km from the TV tower in Brasilia, Salto do Tororó or Cachoeira do Tororó is around 20 meters high. The landscape invites lovers of rappelling and waterfalls both for its beauty and for the short and easy trail to return to the top of the waterfall.

The trail to the waterfall is very short, less than  1km, but at certain points it is a little steep on the way back, nothing to scare visitors, the activity does not require high physical conditioning but we recommend being away from a sedentary lifestyle  and in good health before venturing out. (track link to download  on Wikiloc)

Our meeting point is in the parking lot of the waterfall, the place is privately owned  but does not have a support structure, just a small shop, a fee of R$10.00 per car is charged on the spot and R$5.00 per motorcycle being the only fee for those who just want to enjoy the waterfall without feeling the adrenaline of abseiling.

Rappelling in Cachoeira do Tororó is a great entry point for beginners, it has a great exit angle with the anchorage well above the participant which makes it much easier for those with little or no experience, the rappelling is all done in positive (descension with footrest) on a well  regular surface when it comes to a waterfall. Another factor that collaborates a lot is the possibility of repeating the descents several times, which allows you to leave aside that initial nervousness and gain confidence.

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