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Barra do Dia Canyon

Barra do Dia is home to several waterfalls and exuberant wells of untouchable beauty, which can only be accessed using canyoning techniques, eight  in total. Approximately 80km from Brasilia.

Upon arrival at the farm, we  start our activity with the distribution of equipment and the beginning of the trail, which takes an average of 45 minutes  at an intermediate level. On the way up, we will make stops to rest and enjoy the incredible view of the Serra Miguel Inácio in front of us.


The canyoning activity consists of exploring the riverbed and all its hidden beauty that cannot be seen by common adventurers, only the last waterfall can be visited without using rappelling to Cachoeira Lydia.


Before starting the first descent, we will put on neoprene (rubber clothing) to protect ourselves against the cold, since the activity is mostly in contact with water. Participants will receive instructions on how to use the equipment and will be closely monitored by guides and instructors.


In the group, only 2 participants who do not know how to swim are allowed to register.

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